A microfluidic product line oriented towards performance

Our team develops microfluidic instruments with unrivaled performances in accordance to the needs of researchers. Our product line is built around the best seller OB1 flow controller and includes all that is needed to control your microfluidic chip. All our instruments can be controlled at once on the same computer, through our software or Standard Development Kits.

We offer the possibility to customize your instruments (pressure range, number of outlets…) or choose our OEM version. Our instruments are upgradable – buy one today and add features later.

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We  provide the only microfluidic flow control system using Piezoelectric technology that allows a very fast flow change in your microdevice.

Piezo electric microfluidics flow control


“For us, the biggest advantage is the outstanding control on the flow with fast response times. ”

– Samuel Kilchenmann, Laboratory of Life Sciences Electronics, EPFL

“We are using the device extensively at the moment and I have been quite impressed by its capabilities”

– Hayden Taylor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Berkeley

“For my work, the ability to apply varying known pressures is very important. The AF1 does it very well and it is easy to use.”

 – Ravi Sinha, University of Twente

“We really appreciate the stability and low response time of the flow controller, which is important when various flow conditions must be applied successively.”

Dr. Marie Robin, Laboratoire AMPERE, Université Claude Bernard LYON 1

“Elveflow’s support has been excellent and software development is constantly ongoing.”

Dr. Rob Ward, Massey University

“Overall we are satisfied with the equipment and highly recommend it to anyone who is working in the microfluidics field.”

- Dr. Weiqiang Chen, Biomechanics Laboratory (IBBL)

“The ELVEFLOW instrument is precise (in term of repetability) and robust: it can run continuously for many hours”

– Dr. Olivier Sandre, LCPO

“The ELVEFLOW system has mainly allowed us to simplify several complex experimental setups by replacing them by the ELVEFLOW pressure pump .”

-  Dr. Arnaud Saint-JalmesCNRS

“We are satisfied with the ELVEFLOW instrument, the regulation accuracy is well fitted to our applications”

– Pr. Annie Viallat,  Adhesion & Inflammation Lab – CNRS UMR 6212 – INSERM UMR 600

Microfluidic Flow Control System

OEM microfluidic flow control

Microfluidic flow control OEM solutions

Our flow controller OB1 – OEM derives directly from our best seller product, used by hundreds academic and industrial laboratories worldwide ...
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AF1 – microfluidic pressure pumps

An autonomous pump with the advantage of the most recent piezoelectric technology for microfluidics ...
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Microfluidic Flow Measurement

Optical Reader for Microfluidics4

Optical Reader for Microfluidics

The OptoReader is an optical measurement system designed for microfluidics. Faster, more sensitive & more cost effective than microscopes ...
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Microfluidic Flow Sensor Coriolis

In partnership with Bronkhorst, we have integrated into our microfluidic product range coriolis flow sensors ...
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MFS – Microfluidic flow sensors

We provide high accuracy liquid mass flow sensors for ultra low flow rate monitoring ...
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fluorescence detection for microfluidic device 112

Fluorescence detection for microfluidic device

FluoReader quantifies fluorescence in an area of 1 mm diameter with very high sensitivity and high time resolution ...
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Microfluidic LAB

Elveflow prodvides a unique microfluidic joystick to remotely control pressure while looking through your microscope ...
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The TempoCell micro-perfusion system enables you to control precisely and fastly the temperature of cell environment during live cell microscopy imaging experiments ...
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The full soft-lithography station, includes everything you need to fabricate molds and replicate PDMS chips directly in your lab ...
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The SU-8 photolithography station includes everything you need to fabricate SU-8 molds. Be autonomous, be responsive ...
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The PDMS soft-lithography station includes everything you need to replicate PDMS chips. Be autonomous, be responsive ...
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The Equinox offers you to easily control you vacuum level inside your plasma chamber with a stable and fast set to the right pressure ...
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The automatic mixer perform a rapid, efficient degassing and mixing of your PDMS ...
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